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The Fourth Ministerial Meeting

on the Development of Science in the Arctic


April 14 – 15, 2023, St. Petersburg

Russian Federation


We invite you to the Fourth Ministerial Meeting on the Development of Science in the Arctic, which will be organized jointly by Russia and France.


Russia, as the coordinator of scientific activities within the ASM, strives for continuity and strengthening of scientific cooperation between permanent participants, Arctic and non-Arctic states, scientific and educational communities. We continue to advocate the preservation of the Arctic region as a territory of peace and constructive cooperation and call for active cooperation in finding answers to global challenges that directly concern each of us.

In this context, the content and format of ASM4 are determined based on the continuity of ASM1, ASM2, ASM3 and the growing relevance of scientific research in the Arctic, including those related to pronounced changes in the Arctic climate. ASM4 will provide an accessible, open and equally cordial dialogue and interaction with the population and local communities of the Arctic and the international scientific community.

The upcoming Ministerial meeting is dedicated to finding ways of sustainable economic development of the Arctic, solving the most pressing problems through international scientific cooperation.

Practical information

● Date: April 14 – 15, 2023

● Event format: hybrid

● Venue: See attached draft agenda of the Ministerial Meeting

● Administrative circular

Program ASM4

Delegation size: the format of the Ministerial Meeting on the Development of Science in the Arctic involves the participation of the Minister and two participants. In addition, ministers may be accompanied by an embassy representative and/or security. 

We ask you to indicate the topic within which we can schedule your presentation. The duration of the speech is no more than 3 minutes.


Video conference communication link 14.04.2023: https://iva.sats.spb.ru/id/292082779

Video conference communication link 15.04.2023: https://events.webinar.ru/71664063/275657137


Mrs. Liana Shaginyan, Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, and Mr. Andrey Bryksenkov, Russian Hydrometeorological University, will be ready to answer any questions regarding the agenda and organization of the event (e-mail: asm4@rshu.ru ).

A series of webinars has been developed to increase the accessibility of scientific research in the Arctic and provide additional opportunities for scientists, indigenous peoples and stakeholders in Arctic research in matters of interaction with science.:



Fourth Ministerial Meeting on the Development

of Science in the Arctic

(Webinar Topics)



Theme 1: Observation

"Actual and promising forms of scientific cooperation in the Arctic"


October 25, 2022

Theme 2: Understanding

“Connecting past and present marine ecosystems. Study of the Marine Environment»


November 23, 2022

Theme 3: Understanding

"Conservation of the biological diversity of ecosystems in the Arctic zone"


December 22, 2022

Theme 4: Understanding

"Indigenous Peoples and the Environment"


January 24, 2023

Theme 5: Strengthening

“Development of the Arctic through the acquisition of knowledge. Availability of Education in the Arctic»


February 27, 2023

Theme 6: Response

“Monitoring and research of climate change in the Arctic region. Assessing the Challenges Behind Arctic Pollution and Climate Change”

March 21, 2023

Theme 7: Development: "Solutions for sustainable economic development"

The topic is included in all presentations and is aimed at the use of joint scientific, scientific technical and innovative developments in the implementation of international projects of the countries of the Arctic region.

Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
Russia, Moscow, Tverskaya st., 11, GSP-3, 12599
Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation
1 rue Descartes 75231 Paris cedex 05
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